About Us

IS ENGINEERING SERVICE was established in Estonia in 1992 to meet the growing demands for the modernisation of food industry technology, to improve its quality and increase product variety.
Since then, we have developed into a large enterprise operating in the area of retail and wholesale  by importing and exporting bakery, confectionery, food industry equipment with extensive experience. Among our team are very good specialists as our core business is to represent and introduce well known new and used machinery from the field. As additional services include engineering, disassembly, assembly work, maintenance, spare parts mainly from industrial bakery equipment, but also the field of confectionery. We offer warranty on machines that are maintained by our company.The hightly qualified specialists of IS Engineering Service can help you to select the kind of equipment that best suits your needs and perform top-level assembly and installation.
Our activities and key cooperation extended to European, Baltic, Ukrainian and Russian large bakery, confectionery, food industries and manufacturers.

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