Bread line or WP NUN 3x21m tunnel oven

Price: upon request
Type: Werner&Pfleiderer, Leipurin Tukku (LT-Kone)
Constructed: Not specified
Located at:

WP NUN 3x21m tunnel oven:
-second hand
-Elco fluid fuel burner ~500kW or universal Weishaupt burner  , second hand
-baking area 63m2
-new belt, width 3000mm
-capacity 1200kg/ h
-digital control
-very good condition
-stainless steel cladding for the tunnel oven possible
Complete bread line with tunnel oven WP NUN 3x21m:
-finish proofer Leipurien Tukku Set
-cooling conveyor, swings system or spiral tower cooling
In set inclusive:
-automatic loader into proofer
-automatic loader from proofer in to the oven
-automatic loader from oven in to the cooling conveyor

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