fully automatical, universal Werner & Pfleiderer NUN Plus Ecotherm tunnel oven 2500/30

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Type: NUN Plus Ecotherm
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fully automatic, universal tunnel oven / wire mesh belt oven Werner & Pfleiderer NUN Plus Ecotherm 2500 mm x 30 m
-Renewed digital control
-operating on the right side
-Stainless steel walls
-Capacity up to 1860kg / hour
-Wire mesh belt, new or used
-Baking area 75 m2 by oven length of 30m
-Baking surface height 260 mm
-Belt width 2500 mm
-Belt load app. 80kg/m2
-Tunnel length 30 m
-Universal burner Weishaupt, second hand or oil or any other preferred fuel
-Automatic settings
-Labels available , technical documentation, layout
-NUN DUO fan system
Ecotherm - saving energy, improving quality: with the automatic tunnel oven!
Due to it´s extraordinary features meets all the requirements of an economic and market-oriented production. Offers outstanding  technical performance and profitable baking due to it´s many features. Ensures best product quality - with the right temperature and humidity at the right spot. Requires minimum of space.
Ecotherm - effectively insulated, higher efficiency rate,no unnecessary heat bridges, reduced steam consumption, so far unused energy returns directly to the production process. The oven concept makes all your product ideas possible. Product-specific flexibility for all types of bread and cake: with the Ecotherm, the most favourable temperature curve for every product can be achieved.
The Ecotherm program offers the possibility for extraordinarily fine tunings. Both top and bottom heat of each control zone can be regulated individually, which allows the setting of product-specific temperature curves. Particularly when a host computer is connected, the automatic recipe change-over and the external setpointinput make the operation very easy.
The Ecotherm is a tunnel oven with steam-tight oven in steel construction.
The oven infeed section comprises a frame, the return drum and the belt centering roller which can be controlled by a handwheel.
The indirect Cyclotherm heating system transfers heat without contact between the heating gases and the product.

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