KAAK final proofer and/or Werner & Pfleiderer tunnel oven NU 2,5x15

Price: upon request
Type: Werner & Pfleiderer / KAAK
Constructed: Not specified
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1. Final proofer KAAK
Type: spiral tower
Belt width: 1070 mm
Spiral tower diameter: 4,6 m
Spiral tower height: 3,7 m
Chamber: 5,5 x 5,5 x 4 m
New climator unit AG-9D with control panel

2. Werner & Pfleiderer tunnel oven NU 2,5 x 15
type NU 2500/15
belt width: 2 500 mm
baking chamber length: 15 000 mm
total length 18 000mm
baking area: 37,5 m²
capacity 750kg/h
second hand universal Weishaupt burner
analogue control panel
stainless steel cladding
newly belt, swedish origin
Line was stopped in 2016, still assembled. Refurbished 2015 with new belt! Less used since then!
Sell proofer and oven separately or as set!

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