San Cassiano mixing 500L

Price: on request
Type: Double Force
Constructed: 2009
Located at:

No. 1 DOUBLE FORCE Mixer. BOWLS VOLUME 500 LT. DOUBLE FORCE WITH EXTRA CAPACITY FOR EASIER CLEANING AND HIGH COMPENSATION OF DOUGH GROWTH DURING RESTING. Mixers designed for heavy duty operations, elevated from the ground by four stainless steel feet.
- Steel structure
- two-speed automatic cycle
- stainless steel spirals and bowl
- spirals driving by belts and parallel axes gearbox
- automatic hydraulic hooking system of bowl trolley (at the connection in the base) and automatic descent start of the head.
- At mixing end automatic bowl trolley release and head rise by hydraulic unit by independent motorization
- stainless steel dust tight bowl cover
- machine elevated from the ground with n° 4 stainless steel feet.
No. 5 Resting Station with Bowl Trolleys open top that, together with the elevator position, will match the 90 min resting time
No. 12 Resting positions with space for 8 bowl trolleys for the  resting time of 270 min in total (extra 12 bowl trolleys with phase 2 investment)

No. 1 ER2 Elevator with double arm elevated from the ground by four stainless steel feet.
The discharging station is equipped with an automatic scraping device to clean the bowl in the discharging position
No. 1 Moving Shuttle elevated from the ground FOR EASIER CLEANING AND TROUBLEFREE SANITIZATION
Electric boards painted steel RAL 7035 with CONTROL by PLC Siemens S7
Safety caging according with the standard in force in stainless steel

Manuals and documentation
No. 1 Dosing Station equipped with dosing cover and feeding inlets
lid with a manual dosing opening.
No. 12 Additional Resting bowl trolleys for the resting time of 270 min in total
Static lids (No. 12) in stainless steel over the proofing bowls
Production: 1000 Kg/h including scrap dough.
Cycle time: 15 min
Mixing time available:8 min
Batches per hour: 4
Batch dimension 250 Kg

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