Cookie depositor JEREMY - MINIMAX Duo, year 2005

 Cookie machine is intended for the production of unlimited variations of cakes and cookies of various types. Cookie depositor can be used as a machine for processing many types of pastry doughs like shortcrust pastry, choux pastry, puff pastry, sponge cake for products such a sponge cake sheets, shortcrust pastry sheets, brownies, eclairs, cupcakes, muffins, macarons, choux buns, lady fingers, biscuits, cookies and many more. Cookie making machine is suitable for many other applications involving cream dispensing and can be also used as a cake decorating machine. Having a cake machine for the pastry production in the bakery or pastry shop allows for significantly streamlined process, increase of productivity and expansion of the product range. Cookie machines manufactured by JEREMY have a unique design based on the use of dual pumps (PLUS versions), a mobile dosing head, and a conveyor at a fixed height, which greatly increases their capabilities. When choosing a biscuit machine, one should consider the number of dough colours, if filling dosing is required, the size of trays, the type of pastry and the product range to be produced.
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